Multimedia Technology Services

Multimedia Technology Services (Projectors, Podiums, Classrooms, Auditoriums)

MTS supports the computers, projectors, document cameras, microphones, touchscreens, and other technologies in Clinical Affairs common spaces and meeting rooms. Support is provided via phone, email, and in person. In addition to triage and complex issue resolution, we are available to assist in the design, implementation, and operation of equipment in departmental meeting spaces. MTS performs routine maintenance on equipment in Clinical Affairs common meeting spaces, including cleaning projector filters and replacing lamps.

MTS actively maintains a comprehensive Life Cycle replacement plan for the technology in Clinical Affairs common spaces in order to ensure technology is current and in good working order.

MTS’ mission is to provide a seamless and reliable technology experience in common meeting spaces across the Clinical Affairs campus. Most rooms have permanent technology in place, but in cases where there is not permanent technology MTS maintains a limited supply of laptops, projectors, and other equipment ready to deliver and setup for you.

Where possible, MTS strives to standardize technology in common spaces to allow faculty, staff, students, and visitors to use meeting spaces without MTS assistance. Every common space on the Clinical Affairs campus includes a “Quick Tip Sheet” with frequently asked questions and pictures that illustrate common functions in the room and typical room configurations.

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