CAITS Mission, Vision, and Values

The mission for CAITS is to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time.

We exist to help the IU health sciences community become one of the nation's leading academic healthcare organizations by developing and providing services for students, faculty, and staff. We are a customer service organization, and we are outcomes-driven. Our goal is to provide access to appropriate information regardless of venue or geographic location. The values and expectations defined here will guide us in support of this mission.

Personal and professional integrity - Our behavior will reflect the highest standards of ethical conduct and demonstrate that we are honest, reliable and caring.

Commitment to communication, cooperation and group problem solving - We believe that sharing ideas and building on the strengths and contributions of every individual will help us achieve our mission. We will communicate openly and constructively. We will work towards mutual objectives with clients and colleagues by promoting internal and external partnerships. We will recognize and acknowledge the contributions of others, and offer support wherever possible.

Recognition of unique contributions and needs - We understand that there is a significant relationship between personal, professional, and organizational growth. We will strive for excellence by creating a work environment that allows each person to develop their knowledge, skills, and expertise. We commit to support every client, the organization, and the institution. We acknowledge our service responsibilities and will maintain self-discipline in all that we do.

Individual responsibility and accountability - We accept personal responsibility for decisions and actions. We accept ownership of problems and solutions. We will acknowledge our mistakes, take personal responsibility for correcting them, and use the experience to improve the services we offer. We will overcome obstacles and work with a sincere desire to evaluate ourselves critically and realistically.

Stewardship of the public trust - We are caretakers of resources that belong to others. We know that service to the IU community is our duty and responsibility, and we will represent the interests of the university and its many constituents to the best of our abilities. We will strive to improve continually the quality and efficiency of our work and return good value for the investments made in us.

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