Systems Infrastructure

Manage Data Files, Databases & Printers. Data Backup Services. Host Websites.

Systems Infrastructure provides planning, acquisition, implementation, support, monitoring and performance tuning for servers supporting Clinical Affairs operations. CAITS manages the operating systems (web servers, application servers, database servers, batch servers) to support the development, testing, and production of delivery mission-critical applications and services to Indiana University’s Clinical Affairs community.

Systems Infrastructure provides data management that encompasses processes and technology and data standards that support the availability of data to authorized entities, the protection of data from unauthorized (accidental or intentional) modification, destruction, or disclosure, and the storage of data. CAITS offers data management services by facilitating standards, ensuring security best-practices are followed, and offering SQL Server solutions for data storage.

Systems Infrastructure also provides critical support services for our Clinical Affairs clients. These include desktop management and configuration. Automated deployment of endpoints and software deployment and patch management.

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